The Hyksos and the Ancient Armenids - 2007

The Hyksos and the Ancient Armenids

Ancient peoples believed that mankind evolved in Armenia, built a high civilization, but was destroyed by a great flood, after which the remnants spread to all directions. Modern geology supports the view of a catastrophic local flood. Mythology and traditions of nations of antiquity confirm this belief. The Holy Bible places the Garden of Eden in Armenia and the genesis of human races around Mount Ararat upon which landed Noah’s Ark. But, probably, the greatest contribution of the Armenian highlanders to mankind has been the creation of the ALPHABETIC writing, synthesized from the "iron age" Armenian scripts (Metzamor) and "sacred writing" Egyptian glyphs. It was this revolutionary concept of phonetic script that was destined to become the foundation from which all ancient and modern alphabets evolved. Prominent scholars agree that the alphabet was invented by the historic Hyksos people during their domination of the Near East between 18-16th centuries before Christ. But who were these enigmatic Hyksos?

Recent scholarship has identified the Hyksos with the coalition of the powerful north Armenian State of Haiasa-Azzi and south Armenian indigenous Subarian inhabitants. The historic and the modern Armenians are the direct descendants of both 'Aryan' Haiasian (2000 BC) and 'Armenid' Subarian (4000 BC) peoples To this day, the Armenians call themselves Hai, their nation Haikazian and their land Haiastan or Haik. The Bible recognizes them as the people of Ai (Haiasa) or Ashkenoz (Azzi).

The remotest known autochthonous inhabitants of Armenia emerge into history as the Subaru. Due to tribal ascendencies and Indo-European-Aryan invasions circa 2000 BC, the name and the boundaries of Armenia change, but the Armenid racial characteristics come down to this day remarkably unchanged and genetically uniform. Armenian highlanders have been known through history as Hattian (2000 BC,), Hurrian (2000 B, C, Horites of the Bible) Mitannian (2000 BC), Nairian (1200 BC), Urartian (900 B.C, Biblical Ararat) and Armenian (600 BC, Biblical Minni)

Around 1900 BC a group of these Armenian tribesman burst out of their homeland and carved out a powerful empire encompassing Syria, Palestine, and Egypt. Known to the Egyptians as Hiku-Khasu (i.e. Haikaz) and to the classical Greeks as Hyksos, they ruled over Egypt for 150 years -from 1730 BC until their expulsion by a resurgent Egypt in 1580 BC. Under the hawk-nosed Hyksos princes, the entire Semitic world came under the cultural and military dominance of the Armenids. Well disciplined and trained warriors, the Hyksos introduced the horse, and the spoke-wheeled war chariot, bronze and iron weapons and hardware, scale armor and war helmet, the composite bow, a complete calendar, and the building of walled cities fortified by glacis and moat. They brought to Egypt improved methods of spinning and weaving, new musical instruments, the hump-backed bull, the olive and the pomegranate trees. As the ruling aristocracy they supplanted feudalism over the democratic patriarchal system of the Semitic tribes and cost the seeds of primitive monotheism by introducing the worship of the One Universal Sun God. The Hyksos founded Jerusalem, the Holy City.

Skeletal remains and anthropological evidence of the past and the present attest that in the Armenian highlands evolved an indigenous racial type with unique physical and mental capacity. This race, known in generic terms as Armenoid or Armenid, is chero-teristically sturdy, round headed, often long-faced, full-tipped, abundantly bearded, with backward sloping forehead, receding chin and adorned with prominent aquiline nose. Interestingly, the latter traits are noted among the remains of the Cro-Megnon Man, the ancestor of modern man. Furthermore, the most typical skeletons of the White Race have been found in the Caucasus, after which this race is called Caucasian Indications that Armenian and Georgian mountains of Caucasus were the birthland of the white race are very strong.


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Anonymous said...

Nice TRY. But a NO-GO.

HUMANITY began on the continent of AFRICA, folks. NOT in southwest Asia, as this article tries to infer.

The majority of all the oldest ancient human fossils come from east Africa, close to the Great Rift Valley, in Tanzania.

This is near the headwaters of The Nile River, were the 1st human civilization actually began milleniums ago.

The 1st Humans were People of COLOR.

WHITES came from BLACKS. NOT the other way around.

"And GOD said, LET there be Light. Then the Light came from The DARK."

FACE the TRUTH. FREE your Minds...

Anonymous said...

CORRECT, At-least on the origin of 'Humanoids'...(Say, everything from the Chimpanzee to "Lucy", to Neandrathals, etc.), BUT, there is no indication that the "Modern" human (there is a very defined line b/w all the types of humanoids originating out of Africa and those who were the beginning of all modern people) which, if one is to look back at the oldest records, would see that the first modern people (who would eventually span the stone, copper-bronze, iron ages) were the Hittites, Egyptians, Mitannians, & a few others.
I dont think that you can conclude that Egyptians were 1st simply based on Geography (i.e., closest to oldest fossils) unless you can clearly explain why 1. Hittites & Egyptians existed at the same time (Battle of Kadesh) & 2. Why is there such an enormous time gap b/w the humanoids found in the African rift valley, etc. and the people of Egypt & Hittites?
Basically, why did it take 100's of thousands of years or even millions(?)for evolution of man when humanoids were evolving fairly rapidly & constant, but then, look at man from about the Paleolithic-on... In other words, there is a clear difference & separation, & one cannot conclude that ALL people came from ONE lineage.
Perfect Example... Look at the evolution of humanoids in Africa. Not much change in ONE MILLION YEARS! Look at the peoples from Egypt to Armenian Highlands, to Hittites. These peoples (& NOT neandrathals and such from Africa) brought the World to the here & now in less than 9,000 years!
Fill in the time & evolution gap and prove me wrong

Unknown said...

Ithing your comments about nice tray not been supported wih anything.Humanity began in Armenian Highlands the remains of human scalps from Highlands show that.Your theory about the humanity started in Africa makes no sence because in order for humans to develop the brain need challenging environement which have the Armenian Highlands not Africa.My dear NO GO certified idiot.Karo Mavian

Anonymous said...

That humanity began in Africa is only a theory promoted by the particular school of thoughts. This is a very deep subject and it is like entering a labyrinth of theoretical myths. That humans do not descend from the Africans, that a type of humanoids sprang from Africa, it does, but to making sweeping comments about humans originating from Africa can not be proven. There are all sorts of theories circulating in academic circles, and there are just that,,,,,, theories.

Anonymous said...

Great article, nicely done!

Anonymous said...

The only failure in your rhetoric is that the Armenian history is only 9 to 10000 years old. There has been proof of tooling in stone tools, artwork, and pottery out of africa that is older than 130,000 to 75,000 years ago which is much much earlier than Armenian.

Anonymous said...

The failure in your rhetoric is your failure to know your facts. Armenia has remnants that date back to 150,000 plus years as well.

Anonymous said...

Findings of thousands ancient cutting tools in Armenia (dated by 300,000 yr; indicate that the origin and development of humans occurred in different ethnic populations spreaded over the globe.

Anonymous said...

this article is not talking about the origin of man kind but rather the civilization of his/her. Scholars do agree in the fact that Hyksos were Armenians that traveled to Egypt and later moved up to Israel.

Unknown said...

Do you really believe in those numbers? 10000 years 20000 years. The only solid historical records we have are from 5000 bc. Carbon dating in my opinion is not accurate. A matter gets oxidized differently depending on environment.